National Arts Television, Inc. (NATV)

National Arts Television, Inc. was founded on July 4th 1998 by its current president, Michael J. Baker, Jr.  Shortly after it opened its doors, it produced two documentaries: "Shakespeare in America" airing on the Bravo Cable Network and "Brendan the Navigator: Footsteps in America," which aired on NBC and the Bravo Cable Network, garnering a 3.4 prime-time National TV audience share, one of the highest since Bravo's inception. The next year NATV produced the "National Arts on Broadway" series and the Radio City Music Hall Tony Awards promos, all for Bravo.

Next NATV shot several "Americans for the Arts" promos for Bravo and covered the first Lincoln Center National Arts Awards.

Ensuing years saw National Arts become heavily involved in sports as Baker continued to produce the "Redskins Magazine" program for Redskin Magazine, Inc. and Comcast and currently produces Tony McGee's Pro-Football Plus for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. Baker also produced seven seasons of Lady Hoya basketball games and coaches shows.

Baker has also produced dozens of corporate videos. Included among them are the Proclaim Awards, the overseas marketing videos for the Northern Virginia Community College System (NOVA), and the Heinz Center Environmental TED talks.  Baker's latest endeavors are  NOVA videos in Chinese, Portuguese, and Turkish.

2014 will feature short documentary features on whimsical surrealist, Remedios Varo, convicted Lincoln assassination conspirator, Mary Surratt, and artist James McNeill Whistler. In the sports arena, Baker hopes to complete a piece on former Redskins owner, the late Jack Kent Cooke.

Baker also continues to give back with fundraising videos on Hurricane Sandy Relief, the Newtown Elementary Families, the Paul Stefan Home and most recently the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

In the summer 2017, Baker will release his first screenplay, re-shoot Brendan the Navigator, and launch The National Arts Theatre with a production of A Christmas Carol.
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